Playtech Acquires Ash Gaming Limited

The world's leading online game developer known as Ash Gaming has been acquired by Playtech Limited recently. Playtech is the industry's primary gaming software provider with more than 1000 employees, and has 5 offices in other countries. The acquisition of Ash Gaming is considered to be the biggest development in the world of online gaming that will provide great opportunities for the company and the entire community. On the other hand, Ash Gaming is the leader in providing online gaming content since 2002.

Playtech's acquisition of Ash Gaming Limited is the stepping stone of a more integrated system, as well as providing enhanced benefits including high-quality content, a broader range of distribution channels, revenue potentials, the significant increase of GTS content percentage, wider audience coverage for both Playtech's casino products and Ash's games, delivering more great games, and among others. The recent acquisition of Ash Gaming Limited is the gateway of a more innovative and premier gaming content, more licenses overseas, a diversified portfolio, a combination of both unique platforms, and a lot of incremental opportunities for Playtech Limited Company.