Looking at the Difference and Similarities of Real and Online Blackjack

As casinos moved online, so did all the old favorites. Blackjack remains among the most beloved casino games of all time, offline and online alike. With its simple rules and flexible stakes, it commands immense popularity and attracts new players by the day. The transfer of blackjack online has not diminished the enjoyment of the game - quite on the contrary! We already covered casinos' move online and how it works. Now we review the important changes in blackjack play and we even show you how you can enjoy free blackjack games in the internet! Online blackjack does not differ from its land casino equivalent in terms of rules: it is always about beating the dealer's hand without exceeding 21. Before you start playing online, remember the "soft 17" rule for the dealer. Some online gambling sites do not force the dealer to take another hit if he has an ace and a 6; others do. Knowing this will help you determine your odds better.

Play free games

The first perk of moving to online gambling games is that you can get the same experience and pleasure out of any game without risking any losses. Most casinos will offer you the option to play for fun; others will give you a hefty signup bonus or even a first free bet. This is a great opportunity to play in a stress-free environment or do a few practice rounds before you start betting real money, too.

Take the controls

In a land casino, you are a guest; no matter how welcoming the atmosphere and the staff are, you are not the master of the situation. Online casino gambling, on the other hand, puts you on your own turf. In a game of blackjack, this is particularly advantageous: you can take as much time as you want to strategize and figure out whether you should stop or take one more hit to seal the deal. You can also pause and look up for strategies.

Make it about you

Online blackjack will usually pit just you against a computerized dealer. You need not get distracted by other players on your table, and you do not need to follow multiple decks of cards. If you prefer the face-to-face experience, though, this is also fine: many gambling sites also feature live video feeds in which you can join a dealer and multiple players. Either way, you get considerably more variety, and you have the opportunity to get the optimal gaming conditions for you.

Bring it everywhere you go

The freedom and mobility of the internet have certainly poured into gambling games online, too. Almost every major online casino will now offer you a smartphone app to complement its computer client. You can fill the hours on the bus or your lunch break with reliable blackjack action right there on your phone! In addition to that, you find numerous phone apps from Google Play and the Appstore which approximate the sleek game play you find in online casinos, too. Of course, the screen is smaller and you cannot get live video feeds and other perks when playing on your phone, so make sure you return to the comfy computer experience once you are home or at your preferred gambling base.

The same, and yet so much more

As you saw, online blackjack offers you the original experience of the classic game as well as a number of advantages and perks you can use at will. The flexibility and variety will keep you coming back for more!