Free Online Betting

These days betting from home is all about relaxing and enjoying your betting more. One of the great advantages you get from betting from your computer is that all sportsbooks and bookmakers give away some kind of bonus for signing up with their service online. It could be in the form of a matched free bet, deposit bonus or even a risk free bet. To avoid confusion these are all essentially the same thing.

With a matched free bet you deposit and make your bet. This first bet is then matched and you are given a free bet of the same value. With a deposit bonus you make your first deposit and you are then this is usually doubled in your account. Sometimes though deposit bonuses are only a 50% bonus, so for example if you deposit 50, you will get 25 extra added to your account. Deposit bonuses also usually have rollover requirements to make sure you are not using the sportsbook just for their bonus. Matched free bets usually put in a clause of having to bet on odds above 2.0 in order to claim the free bet. This makes it a bit harder to win your first bet and again stops people just using the sportsbook to get the free bet.

Risk free bets are more of a new option. When you join a sportsbook and are offered a risk free bet, you can make your first bet and if you lose it, you will get your money back. Bigfreebet loves this kind of bonus as it is great for newcomers.

Finally another free bet option that is cropping up just recently is a no-deposit free bet. These have been offered by casinos for years, but until recently they have been something that sportsbooks haven't offered. With a no-deposit free bet all you have to do is open an account with your chosen bookmaker and they will give you free money to play with. There is usually a rollover requirement though in order to withdraw your winnings.