The Legalization of Online Gambling in DC

Washington DC has adopted a bill for the legalization of online gambling, although this has not been unleashed in full force due to several criticism concerning it, reports said that this bill paved way for Washington DC to be the first US jurisdiction that has legalized online gambling.

The bill that started the motion for online gambling legalization was passed on December 2010, since then a series of legislative hearings were made, as oppositions believed that the people will not approve of this law to commence. Despite the workings of the opposing parties, it was later discovered that most of the people support the legalization process as long as the money that will come from it will be used to support social service advocacies and improve the general quality of education.

Jack Evans, a Democratic Party member and the Committee on Finance and Revenue Chairman said on his former interviews that he will require that more hearings will be made in lieu of this issue; Evans said that he plans to pass another bill that could oppose if not directly fend off the legalization proceedings of online gambling.

Despite the opposition's futile effort to thwart the process, the implementation of the legalization bill has commenced on schedule. DC Lottery became the main force behind the implementation; they shared equal revenue with Intralot USA, as the latter is the one that developed and managed the lottery website. Director Buddy Roogow, the executive director of DC Lottery said on his interview that they will do everything in their power to fairly implement the online gambling process; he said that different security implementation will be done to protect the rights of the online players and keep them from being a victim of online gambling fraud.