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Cryptologic Casino Software

Cryptologic's entry to gaming industry dates back in 1995. It became popular that it competed well with other reputable gaming companies. Itmerged with the trading industry as it is recognized by the Toronto Stock Exchange, Canadian Dealer Network and Nasdaq.
The company is known to provide advanced online poker and casino software today. This is why it's considered as one of the top e-gaming suppliers and developers in the casino industry. Cryptologic acquired its business license to operate in 1996 as given by Intercasino. It's one of the few companies who introduced the so-called 'play-for-money' casino.
Cryptologic gained a reputable name in the gaming industry because it has continuously thrived to engage into innovations in creating software that will interest operators and gamers. This date, more than 200 games are being offered to the public. Thus, numbers are still counting as new games are still being created.

Software Products:

Casino Software
Cryptologic offers more than 200 games that can be downloaded online apart from 60 browser-based casino, progressive, table and slot games. All are based on the platforms of Java and Flash. Players can enjoy the following gaming qualities: best video games, best slot games, multi-player systems and true-to-life graphics. All these make a complete gaming experience. The only downside is that Cryptologic table games are quite slow in response due to the presence of unnecessary animations.
Cryptologic gained its popularity through the various awards it had won. The company is now known for providing top rated games as reviewed in journals and recommended by players and casino operators. The company's ability to provide interesting games brought about an increase in traffic towards operator's websites, thereby helping operators improve on their business.

Poker Software
Poker has always been the most popular game in the casino industry. Its popularity has opened doors to the latest poker games that are truly entertaining and exciting. Therefore, operators are happy to use this software because it makes players inviting to their site. Generally, cryptologic was able to adhere completely to the requirements of operators when it comes to providing quality games that will satisfy all types of players.
The only way to survive in a competitive industry is to consistently stay on top. Cryptologic has been practicing fairly in the industry as it and was able to develop more games that are able entertain people from different countries.

Cryptologic Softwares Reviews

Graphics and Sound - The quality of animation in Cryptologic games are generally clear and sharp, however, when switched to full screen, these animations are seen to be pixelated and a quite unclear. Anyhow, regardless of the video quality, Cryptologic's 3D graphics is still first-rate as compared to other providers.

Game Variety - Cryptologic developed a variety of games that totaled to more than 100 games now. It should be taken into account that the company was able to partner with the well-known Marvel comics. This partnership brought about the production of strictly exclusive games such as Ghost Rider, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, X-men and Spiderman as used in the form of slots.

Game Updates - Cryptologic ensures to keep the interest of players intact as the company continuously makes updates on their software. Unlike other software providers however, Cryptologic does not require downloading the latest games. Instead, downloads can be done for each game, or if requested by the user. The company seeks to maintain its customer base by releasing new games and updating versions almost every ninety days, like Marvel slots and such.

Progressives - Cryptologic offers a wide variety of progressive games that come in three-reel and five-reel versions. One of these is the Millionaire Club where jackpot prizes reach as high as 5 million dollars. There are other progressives in their game suit however they, are not exactly outstanding. Another important thing to note is that, when a progressive game is played on a high-spec PC, it tends to freeze and video animations seem to be distorted.

Download Version - The download client is definitely much better than the web based version. From the higher quality sound, animation and graphics, the downloadable version of Cryptologic's software will not let the user down, as compared to the Flash version which will be discussed later.

Instant Play Version - The no-download version offered by Cryptologic casinos can give instant gratification to users who are not at home, like in the office or at a friend's house. Although it may it be on par with the download version, it does what it is supposed to do: to let you get your gaming fix.