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Microgaming: Innovation in Online Gaming

As the online gaming industry continues to thrive, every company tries its best to stand out among the rest. The ability to come up with new things in online gaming community is what Microgaming is all about.

Microgaming is a privately owned company comprising of the best minds in the gaming industry. In 1994, Microgaming introduced the first online casino based in the Isle of Man. The collaboration of these brilliant minds made it easy to create and develop new games that will capture the interest of internet gamers.
As of today, there are 40 poker rooms and 120 casinos operating in different parts of the world making the company a record holder of paying out an amazing $200 million worth of prizes. Microgaming's software has powered progressive jackpot networks and biggest poker rooms in the world.
Microgaming abides accordingly with regulations as given by government as well as the commission on gaming licenses. This is to assure gamers that the company operates legitimately.

Software Products under Microgaming

Microgaming staff considers the demand of operators and gamers in the creation of new software products so as to make them interested and satisfied. In order to determine these demands, the company conducts comprehensive research so as to know exactly the needs of both players and operators.
There are more than 300 casinos all over the world being powered by Microgaming software and these comprise both traditional and non-traditional casino games. Apart from the computer-based interface, the company is now into developing mobile-game setting.

Microgaming has developed casino software under the following categories:

Downloadable Software - Microgaming introduces Viper under the downloadable software category. This software can be downloaded in Microgaming casinos. It is characterized to be user-friendly and features a variety of games with striking.
Web-based Software - This software allows players to do away from the tedious download-and-install steps and be able to play instantly. What players need to do is to play on casino websites operated by Microgaming.
Other Types of Software - Microgaming offers the LiveDealer gaming software that allows players to feel the essence of a real casino hub. A virtual dealer does the shuffling and dealing of the cards while players are given time to place their bets.
The Poker Software - Due to the popularity of the poker game, Microgaming operates 40 poker rooms over the web that is enjoyed by thousands of online players from around the world. The software showcases a multilingual feature that allows players to play in their own languages and at the same time transact in their own currencies.

Microgaming Softwares Reviews

Graphics and Sound - Microgaming's sound and graphics are better than anything else. The software developer has long been known to come up with a downloadable casino client that features high quality sound and graphics. Microgaming stands out among the rest for its involving but not overwhelming audio and flowing animation.

Game Variety - Compared to other casino game developers, Microgaming offers the most choices of online casino games. Players have so many games to pick and play when they log on to online casino sites that run Microgaming software.

Game Updates - Microgaming powered casino sites can update quickly and seamlessly depending on the game. However, new game releases have to be downloaded before playing obviously. However, in case you are in the process of downloading a new one, you can play your favorite game while doing so.

Progressives - With Microgaming's supported online casino gaming sites, you can choose from fourteen different progressive games to play. Aside from progressive game slots, Microgaming also features blackjack and video poker progressive games. Progressive games feature is a slowly increasing jackpot, and even increasing as it is played in a network and as the number of players increase.

Download Version - Microgaming's downloadable version of its casino client is without equal, with plenty of added features that its competitors have never thought about. One of its outstanding features is the language setting that you can change once it has been installed, giving the game flexibility of players even from the owner's side. You can let your friends who speak other languages play on your computer.

Instant Play Version - It is good to know that Microgaming's instant play version is more than adequate for those who prefer to play online without having to install anything on their computer. Since these games are Flash-based, having Adobe Flash Player is a requirement. Then Active X control is installed for computer identification as Microgaming's protection from online fraud.