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Play Craps Games Online

Craps games are probably the third famous casino games today together with Roulette and Poker, this game is not the easiest but the thrill that one gets during the session is a reason enough to keep players addicted to it. Started out as simple two-dice game, craps involve plenty of shouting and the adrenaline is usually on a high level.

Learning online craps games is not that difficult, if you have some basic casino knowledge you can easily play craps as simple as hitting the "go" button. Others with no knowledge at all can learn the basics and start playing within an hour. For more exhilarating experience, variants of the game are available such as Crapless Craps, Bank Craps, High Points Craps, Die Rich Craps, and the Simplified Craps.

For people who want to play craps games online, the first thing that you should understand is the Pass Line Bet, and how to make it. As a general rule, the game begins when someone make a pass line bet before the throwing of the dice. If numbers seven or eleven come out during the roll you'll emerge a winner but if the come-out roll ends with numbers two, three, or twelve you will end up a loser - hence a crap. Other numbers involved in online craps games are numbers four, five, six, eight, nine, and ten. These numbers are called the point numbers. When the roll resulted to any of these numbers, it should be repeated until seven or eleven comes out.

One thing that new players of craps games should know is to do a pass line bet before the come out roll and not after it happens. As they go along, they also need to learn other craps betting rules including the don't pass bets - the literal opposite of pass line bets, the taking and laying the odds rules, and the come and don't come bets.