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Since slots machines were introduced in 1895 slot games became widely popular throughout the world, majority of gambling houses both land based and online have slot games supplied by reputable software providers. If you're a slot newbie, one thing that you should understand is the fact that slots is a game of chance, the machine contains no memory and therefore all the game results will be random.

Online casino slots are similar to most land based casinos; the only difference is its highly computerized playing system and the slots being open 24/7. Online slots follow a certain theme for their graphics and symbols to keep the players' interest. The percentage of winning is better since most online slots offer up to 99% win rate. Usually slots players with serious intention to win seeks out the highest pay out and play hard in order to bag the maximum jackpot amount.

If you want to play slots games online you can do so by choosing between 3-reel and 5-reel games and determining which payline best suits your taste. In order to hit the jackpot you need to give out the maximum coins required for the game, playing less the maximum gives you the chance to hit some bonuses but it gives no chance for the jackpot. The slots machines are characterized into 2 - the flat tops or regular slots and the progressive slots. In reality both of these slots are the same, the progressive slots is just better in terms of payout since the jackpot money increases as the game advances while regular slots offer fixed jackpots.

The odds in getting the jackpot combination vary from slots to slots so you need to know the combination rules before putting your money in, knowing the odds will give you more chance in determining how to get the combination. Also, always remember to set you limit before starting the game, online casino slots are very entertaining but you need to stay rational to keep yourself from being ripped-off. Spend only what you can lose and avoid being greedy.

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