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Play Keno Games Online

Keno games in a layman's term is much like a lottery game where players will pick their choice of ten or fifteen numbers and the balls with numbers from one to eighty will be drawn. The nature of this game in both land-base and online casino is pretty much the same although land-based keno will be drawn live and there's a big screen where people can see the results.

For people who want to play keno games online, the first thing that you need to know is to select the size of the bets. Most keno machines accept a dollar bet but there are others that allow 25 cents to 10-dollar bets. Numbers from one to eighty is available and players will have to pick ten or fifteen of these numbers by clicking them on their game screen. Once done, you will press the play button to start the draw and if the draw comes out with all the chosen numbers, and then the jackpot will be yours.

Numbers in Keno Games are drawn randomly so people have no way to predict which numbers will win. Like bingo or lottery games, Keno is purely a game of chance and winning is only based on sheer luck. No one can tell which picking strategy to use and you can't do any calculation because the Random Number Generator is the only one that decides which number out of eighty will come out.

Online Keno games are widely available today; lots of online casino sites offer this in addition to their roulette and poker games. Many people like playing online keno because it's more accessible than the land-based version. They can play as often as they like if they play keno games online, they can play at the comfort of their home and have the chance to bag the jackpot in as little as 25 cent or one dollar bets.